DC Input Jack Repairs

Laptop DC Input Jack Repairs (Power Problems Solved)

laptop power jackThere are several components that allow a laptop or netbook to charge ranging from the power adapter that plugs into your wall to the battery that powers the laptop.

Laptop DC Jack Repairs in Inverness are normally done the same day if we have your parts in stock. otherwise, it normally takes around 3 to 5 days for a standard DC Jack Repair due to postal service.

Plugged In But Not Charging

If your laptop won’t charge or you have to wiggle the power lead in the back of your laptop in order for it to charge then the chances are that you need a DC jack socket repair. 

Plugged In Not ChargingInverNess PC Repairs have all the necessary resoldering equipment and the skill of qualified electronics engineers, to carry out these repairs ourselves. This means that unlike many other local computer repair shops, we don’t have to risk, any extra time delay, by having to send your laptop off to be repaired offsite.  

InverNess PC Repairs can diagnose and repair intermittent power and charging issues on all makes and models of laptop.


Faulty laptop batteries & DC power jack issues 

laptop dc jack repair invernessOver time all laptops may experience problems charging or powering on, this could be due to the battery needing replaced, a faulty power supply or the DC power jack becoming damaged or detached from the mainboard. We can help with all these issues and we have the in house experience to carry out the intricate installation of a new DC power jack sockets for customers in our Inverness computer repair workshop.

In the event of a DC Jack fault, Ness PC Repairs can remove the damaged DC Jack and re-solder a new one onto the motherboard.
our work carries a 30-day labour only warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Common Symptoms:

  • Failing to charge the battery properly.
  • Charges intermittently or when the power adapter is in a certain position.
  • The power adapter is loose in the Power Socket.
  • The screen flickers between being bright and being dim (this could also indicate an inverter/backlight problem).

Turn around times are between 2-7 working days on average depending on the availability of your parts. The actual DC Jacks Parts normally cost on average around £5 for a DC Jack or £20 for a DC Cable.

Please always try to have your laptop make and model when contacting us so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

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