PC Health Check Up Service Inverness

PC Health Check Up Service

Inverness PC Health Check Up Service Laptop & Netbook.

Is Your computer or laptop operating the way it should be?

If not! it’s often a good idea to give your PC a health check and tune up at regular intervals. The process usually takes 1 – 2 hours (average about £45).

Occasionally, even after a long tuning process the computer will have hardly changed…our no-fix no fee policy applies here. Sometimes the only way  to make a significant difference would be to reinstall your operating system. Click on the link for the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

What is a laptop PC health check Up service? 

Lots of smart Inverness customers are now requesting regular laptop checkups by us every six months or yearly, this is like having a service on your car and can ensure your computer is running safe and all vital security & windows patches are up to date, we can answer any queries or questions you may have regarding your installed software or email accounts, plus – we will also give the internal fans and vents a clean to prevent overheating issues.

 Our Service Includes:

  • Intensive hardware & software testing to ensure fitness
  • Installation of the latest drivers and updates for your system
  • Anti virus sweep
  • Internet security check
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of your PC

 No obligation recommendations on software and hardware upgrades

What Does it Cost?

 Prices start from £45.00 depending on your requirements

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