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If you have a website, it is vital that it ranks well on the Google Search engine so that your potential customers can easily find your business. your website looks great but no use if it cant be found, if it is poorly ranked on Google it will likely not get many hits and the number of people who contact you from the website will be very low. This is where we can help.

If you want to get noticed Locally online in Inverness, then you will need search engine optimisation on your website. (SEO) experts and can help your business rank well on all major search engines. We have many clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries who perform very well locally on the major search engines, often ranking in the #1 spot for their chosen keywords. They get a lot of visitors on their website every day, many of whom make an inquiry and become paying customers.

The primary goal of search engines such as Google is to return a list of the most relevant websites when somebody enters a search phrase. If the websites that Google returned for a search phrase were not relevant and the user had to navigate to the third or fourth page to find what they were looking for, they would soon stop using Google and use one of their competitor search engines instead. Therefore it is very very important to Google that it returns the most relevant websites for every search phrase entered and it does this by using an ever-evolving algorithm which ranks every website on the internet.

While the exact algorithm Google uses to rank websites is kept a top secret, the ingredients that make up the formula are known. Factors such as the content of your website, page metadata, use of headings, the speed of your website, URL structure and having an XML sitemap are just some of the factors in how well your website is ranked on Google. As SEO specialists, these are all things we are very familiar with and use on a daily basis to improve the ranking of websites we work on. We only use white-hat SEO techniques to improve your ranking on Google and don’t use any unethical SEO methods that could hurt you in the long term.